Lecture „AIDS: IT IS BETTER TO KNOW! “ is available online

You don’t need anymore 80 days to travel around the world, mail is no longer required to reach an addressee, and there is no need to go a long way to listen to a lecture. Technologies are improving every day, and every day research can answer more and more questions about HIV and AIDS.

On the eve of the World AIDS Day, November 30th, I lectured on this topic in the National Martynas Mazvydas Library. The lecture was attended by 311 educational institutions and more than 11 thousand students of those, Library visitors and others interested in HIV and AIDS issues.

As you probably already understood, the lecture “AIDS: IT IS BETTER TO KNOW!” was given live online.

In the lecture I tried to answer relevant to public questions about HIV and AIDS. Why can’t we stop HIV epidemic? What myths still surround HIV and AIDS? Why HIV prevalence is one of the highest in our neighbourhood? What everybody should be aware about HIV and AIDS?

Webcast of the lecture is available on Youtube account of the National Martynas Mazvydas Library here.