Conferences for young people “Being a Woman” and “Being a Man”

The measure supported by the special programme of the Public Health Promotion of the Vilnius City Municipality – the BWM project (Conferences for the young people “Being a woman” and “Being a man”) – aims to substantially reduce the gaps in youth sexual health education. In order to decrease the spread of infectious diseases among young people, there is a need to develop fundamental values, to further personal maturity in terms of sexuality, to enhance self-awareness by disseminating science-based information. Moreover, it is prevention of violence and sexual offense. The program, video material of the Conference “Being a Man” for the youth of 15-17 years of age in Vilnius can be found here. The publication of the Conference “Being a... Plačiau

Why it is Always Important to Find Time for Media

On the occasion of the recent Press Day, I want to admit that I always try to find time for the media, no matter how busy I am. I do not embrace bureaucratic rules allowing to give the answer within three working days and I do not go out for lunch when a TV journalist has a video camera ready or when they need a short answer, when the newspaper is about to go to the print shop. Reporters know that they always can send me an SMS if I do not take the call, and I will definitely call them back. Not everyone understands the importance of the media today. Although in this age of smart technologies we all try to be journalists, by posting information on our social networks, the word of a professional journalist works differently – decisively and forcefully – and reaches the largest... Plačiau

Lecture „AIDS: IT IS BETTER TO KNOW! “ is available online

 Lecture „AIDS: IT IS BETTER TO KNOW! “  is available online You don’t need anymore 80 days to travel around the world, mail is no longer required to reach an addressee, and there is no need to go a long way to listen to a lecture. Technologies are improving every day, and every day research can answer more and more questions about HIV and AIDS. On the eve of the World AIDS Day, November 30th, I lectured on this topic in the National Martynas Mazvydas Library. The lecture was attended by 311 educational institutions and more than 11 thousand students of those, Library visitors and others interested in HIV and AIDS issues. As you probably already understood, the lecture “AIDS: IT IS BETTER TO KNOW!” was given live online. In the lecture I tried to answer relevant to public questions about HIV and AIDS. Why can’t we stop HIV epidemic? What... Plačiau

Experience sharing: making communicable diseases an issue of the past

 Experience sharing: making communicable diseases an issue of the past Will mandatory vaccination bring benefit? Where is the boundary between one person`s right to choose and another`s right to live in the environment free from communicable diseases? Why do myths about vaccines emerge, and the dangers of communicable diseases are being ignored? Are we ready to face emergencies? Can communicable diseases catch us off guard? Why do doctors and journalists oftentimes talk at cross purposes? These and many other issues were the subject of our discussion with a team of medical professional, health politicians, scientists and journalists in a seminar Good Practice Assessment to Control Health Threats to the EU and EEA held in Luxembourg. Naturally, we did not come up with all the answers. However, we all agreed on that we lack a shared sense of purpose: health... Plačiau

First steps of cooperation with China

 First steps of cooperation with China A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, says a Chinese proverb, and it holds true in terms of our new cooperation ties with China. In the meeting of Ministers of Health of China and Central and Eastern European Countries as well as representatives of the countries, The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and myself on behalf of Lithuanian Centre for Communicable Diseases and AIDS signed a Memorandum of cooperation. Every so often, we hear about how important the development of economic and trade relations with China is, especially for such a small country like Lithuania, but the health mathematics, which is hardly calculable by mere economic levers or definable by country boarders, as a general rule is being veiled. Infectious diseases travel faster than... Plačiau

“Stand in someone’s shoes”: share the feelings of people living with HIV

 “Stand in someone's shoes”: share the feelings of people living with HIV Lithuania is not some special country that was bypassed by HIV virus and deadly AIDS. But the attitude towards these patients is still unmerciful due to prejudices related to the groundless fears. HIV is like a lottery. A woman is still alive in Lithuania, whose medical history was numbered 2 because she was the second patient in the country with HIV diagnosis. Though, at the same time there are not many treated patients. Communication with these patients is still a challenge for many people. Should you wash your hands or not when you shake hands with a person with HIV? Should you inform a partner whom you have sex with? How should you tell your wife after coming back from a trip around Africa about a harbour bar where a bottle of Coca Cola and a prostitute were very cheap? What should... Plačiau

(Lietuvių) Kodėl antibiotikai tampa neveiksmingi?

(Lietuvių) Kodėl antibiotikai tampa neveiksmingi? ... Plačiau

(Lietuvių) Sergamumo užkrečiamosiomis ligomis Lietuvoje 2012 m. apžvalga

(Lietuvių) Sergamumo užkrečiamosiomis ligomis Lietuvoje 2012 m. apžvalga ... Plačiau

Incidence of communicable diseases in 2012

Incidence of communicable diseases in 2012 Incidence of communicable diseases in... Plačiau

Statement of the Lithuanian Presidency on World Aids Day

Statement of the Lithuanian Presidency on World Aids Day Statement of the Lithuanian Presidency on World Aids... Plačiau